fresh Native American designs inspired by Karuk cultural symbols- Frankie Tripp

NAME: Ayukii nanithvuuyti Francisca Tripp, Hello, my name is Francisca Tripp

TRIBAL AFFILIATION: naa Karuk araar, I am a Karuk Indian

TRIBAL PARTICIPATION: My entire life I have grown up in my ancestral territory around other of the same tribe so I learned basket weaving, Karuk language, and many other of my local traditions. I do my best to try and stay connected to that culture and traditions while I am away.

EXPERTISE: My siblings all make earrings or bead and so I learned different techniques from them and put my own twist on them. I always tried copying them but it wasn't until I was about eleven that I seriously began to make jewelry. My mom taught me to embroider at about the same age. I learned basics, copying patterns but then I began to make my own ideas based on native designs.

HOW STARTED CRAFT/ART: I have always tried to personalize my own wardrobe. I would embroider my own clothes to give them a special touch. Making my own jewelry, trying to make sure it looked like nobody else's, was also a factor in that. This turned into making presents for others who admired my work. When Nisha offered me the opportunity to sell on the FTRC website I was excited.

PROCESS: I begin by thinking of traditional designs and then using wire and beads to represent them in a new way. Every other material I use, the traditional ones, I have gathered and processed myself. Each material requires something; sanding down, drilling, cleaning, polishing, and so the this can be a lengthy process. For the clothing I make I try to use mostly native languages with their translations so they can be used as a teaching tool as well.

FAVORITE MATERIALS: Cedar berries, dentalium shells, abalone, olivella shells and pine nuts are the traditional materials. I also enjoy figuring out new ways to use wire and glass beads to interpret designs. I use baby onsies and other basic cotton shirts and customize with embroidery threads.

ARTISTIC ACCOMPLISHMENTS: I have been told my designs are unique and that is an accomplishment for me. I strive to be different but also show our traditional designs that are on many of our regalia and in other’s contemporary work. I do my best to not imitate others and I come up with original ideas.

CURRENT LIFE: I am a Freshman in college this year at Southern Oregon University. I just graduated from Hoopa Valley High School on the Hoopa Reservation in Northern California. This is a source of income for me now to try and get through college and also to be able to go home and visit my family. I have eleven nieces and nephews and many many cousins at home and so many of them are the inspirations for my clothing ideas.

QUOTE: My work is modern interpretations of old traditions. I hardly ever do a design twice and I thoroughly enjoy what I do. It is very relaxing for me”

ACCEPTS CUSTOM ORDERS: Yes! To read about custom orders go to our FAQ page. To reach the Artist for custom orders please fill out the contact form.

What a fellow classmate said about Frankie, “ She spent almost everyday for a month making earrings at school last year.” - Ben

Frankie and Ben at their graduation in June 2011!


What people are saying about Francisca’s work and From the River Collective:

12/28/2011 From Louise (Portland, Oregon)-

“Even better in person! What a talented artist with such dainty simplicity in her beautiful work.”

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